Saturday, February 16, 2013

14 Months

Our little one is 14 months! She has been hamming it up lately. She has been so funny and silly and we have just been enjoying her so much.

Skills: Walking all over the place. She can get going pretty fast too. Although she still falls ALL THE TIME. She definitely takes no notice of anything on the ground that might be in her way. She also loves to walk around carrying things (baby dolls mainly, and multiple) so that causes falls too. She usually doesn't get hurt, but will let out a quick cry. She loves using the "more" sign. Still loves giving kisses, especially the open mouth kind. I don't think there are really any other new skills this month, just improving on current skills.

Likes: Pointing, reading books, sitting on any low surface/small box/ledge, her baby dolls - goodness she walks around all day holding them or moving them from one location to the next. Sometimes she holds all 3 at once. She also likes finding clothes laying around the house and putting them on (around her neck/shoulders). She also loves purses or any small bag to carry around. MILK. The girl loves her milk now. She drinks a sippy cup of milk when she first wakes up, a cup before her afternoon nap, and a cup before bed. Speaking of milk - she is completely weened. It was kind of sad for me that that stage of her life is now over. We were down to just the morning feeding and she was barely getting anything anyway, so we just do whole milk now. She still will sometimes pull at my shirt and whimper which breaks my heart a little.

Struggles: Still struggling with vegetables. Recently she ate a tiny amount of mixed vegetables. I spoon fed her them though. If they are just on her tray she will refuse to pick them up. However she liked eating salmon and italian orzo the other night. What in the world? Also, I am really trying to be more consistent and intentional about discipline and teaching her the word no. This is mostly in regards to throwing things off her high chair and touching things she is not supposed to - um, oven knobs!! Also trying to teach her not to whine. Not sure she gets it yet but I constantly remind her that "whining is complaining with the tone of your voice" and the Lord says "do everything without complaining or arguing", and remember that "love is patient". I am sure she totally gets it :) One day she will though. I am reading the book Don't Make Me Count to Three which is really great and really stresses the importance of using scripture in disciple and getting to the heart issues not just outward behavior. I will have to do a separate post about that.

Schedule: She has been much more consistent lately with her wake up time. It is usually around 6AM. Sometimes she will start creeping it up - like 5:30 or 5:15 for a couple days. Unacceptable Cambry. Momma is not a morning person. When she does that I just let her fuss in her crib til 6AM and then she will usually revert back to her normal 6AM wake up time. She goes down for her morning nap between 8:30 and 9 AM, and her afternoon nap between 1:30 and 2. Usually each nap is at least an hour or more.

I don't know if I can keep track of her teeth anymore or even really see them all. I think she has about 11 right now.

Well, what else can I say that I don't say every single month? I love this age and love her! She is such a fun little toddler. Oh what joy.

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Fiona said...

She really looks like such a little girl! I showed Anthony and said how much older she looks like Lids at just a month older but I am thinking it is the hair. So jealous of her hair!! :) Sounds like she is doing very well. Glad the weaning went well for you, even if a bit sad to be finished with it. I think it is a bittersweet time no matter what. Love that photo of her with her tummy out!! She just looks like so much fun and so happy!