Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Easter Basket Makeover Tutorial

Yes I realize Easter is a month away. I also realize Cambry probably won't even understand what to do with an Easter basket and is definitely too young to care what it looks like. But I needed an excuse to get crafty, and I have been looking forward to doing this for weeks. And who knows, she might like just carrying it around. The girl does love purses and bags.

Growing up, my sister and I loved our Easter baskets. My mom is craft queen and made us (well embellished) the cutest Easter baskets. We didn't have a new one each year or anything, but probably had a couple different ones over the years. So of course I have to carry on the tradition of making a cutesie Easter basket.

I started off with an $8 basket from Michaels. Then I used some left over ribbon I had on hand and made ruffles.

I don't know how to sew so I just threaded it by hand, scrunched it up to create a ruffle effect, and tied it off at the ends.

Then I hot glued one layer at a time.

Nothing extravagant but I like how it turned out. I still feel like it is missing something so I may add more later just because I am crazy like that :)

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