Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Small Spaces

Cambry has been so funny lately getting in all these small spaces. She loves sitting on any low surface. As soon as we open the refrigerator she is trying to sit on the little ledge.

She also found that the bathroom cabinet make a great place to sit.

The other day she was hiding behind the pantry cabinet and would laugh when I would say "where's Cambry?" and fling open the door.

This morning she found another little hiding spot between the front door and storm door.

Love this silly girl!


Fiona said...

Adorable girl!! :) That last one of her behind the door... too darn cute. Lids has been hiding under tables, chairs, couches a lot lately and just loves it... and especially finds it hilarious if I pretend I can't find her! I'm sure she too will be squeezing into cupboards and more as soon as she figure out that she can!

Scrappy Mommy said...

So so so darling!

Lynn Cooper said...

Caleb loves the fridge too! Must be something about the cold and the nice little ledge to climb on. She is adorable!