Thursday, June 13, 2013

Toddler Activities

Here are my first 2 busy activities I have made for Cambry. I haven't let her play with these yet because I am saving them until the baby gets here. I found both of these ideas online. The first one just invovles cutting up a pool noodle, numbering the pieces, and letting them string it on a rope. The second is just pieces of felt cut out to make a sea life scene that they can play with and rearrange. Hopefully I will have more to post in the next few weeks.

Speaking of toddler things, Cambry is suddenly obsessed with the Wheels on the Bus. Bus is now her new favorite word. I think she learned it from this flash card app we have. Although she refers to all cars and trucks as busses. She says it constantly when we are driving - bus bus bus. It is pretty cute. So then the other day I found a netflix show called Wheels on the Bus. She LOVED it. And she is very picky about tv shows. Well now she wants us to sing Wheels on the Bus all the time. If we even start singing and then stop after a few verses she will stomp her feet and fuss and sign more. When we sing she will even try to dance and do some hand motions. She tries to sing along by picking up on some key words or sounds. So funny.


Fiona said...

These are both awesome ideas!! :) Good for you for getting creative and taking the time to make these!

Anonymous said...

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