Monday, September 16, 2013

Cambry 21 Months

It is crazy to think this may be the last monthly update that Cambry is an only child! This sweet sweet girl is about to be a big sis. 

Skills: It seems like you talk non-stop all day long. Your newest thing is to say "What's that?" over and over again in the car. I have no idea what you are referring to so I just point out things as we drive. You repeat so much of what we say. I realized the other day that you knew the Jesus Loves Me song (well some of the key words) when I started singing it. I am guessing you learned that at church nursery. You can identify colors pretty well. I think your favorite is purple because you usually go for that crayon first. I am pretty sure you will be right handed since that is the one you use most (at least for eating). You have started having more facial expressions lately - especially this really cute one where you raise your eyebrows. You occasionally ask to go on the potty but rarely do anything. Although every now and then you will. I am not trying to potty train you yet, just letting you go when you are interested.

Likes: There are the usual things - Wheels on the Bus (song and show), your baby and blanket, and carrying around chapstick. You are just starting to branch out on tv shows though. It has been that the Wheels on the Bus was the only show you would watch, but just recently you have tolerated Chuck (a car show) and Daniel Tiger. You ask several times a day to wash your hands in the sink. You really enjoy reading and looking at books so we almost always have a stash of books checked out from the library. You even like books that are somewhat wordy. You remember the books that we read over and over again because you will say key words that are on the page when you are just flipping through by yourself. Your favorite foods are peanut butter, cereal, and cheese. You ask for specific foods even when they are no where in sight. Like pickles - the other day you were begging for pickles at lunch! You also suddenly LOVE your Uncle Scott. You acted so silly around him at our last Waco visit and got so excited when we face timed with him recently.

Struggles:  Vegetables are a struggle but you do like green beans. You have also been decent about at least trying our vegetables lately. Although usually you will just try a bite and then not want anymore. Sharing is also a struggle (as I'm sure it is for all kids your age). We have to work on that at all our play dates.

Schedule: You usually wake up around 7:00 am. Nap time is around noon and it lasts 1-2 hours. Only occasionally is it more than 2 hours. You have not been wanting lunch before you go down for a nap which I think is so strange. So you have been having lunch late in the afternoon. Bedtime is 7:30pm as usual.

I am constantly amazed at all the things you say and understand. Your memory seems to get better and better and you seem to remember and understand things we teach you just once. I think you are the cutest sweetest girl in the world and you make us laugh constantly. We love you oh so very much.

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