Monday, September 9, 2013

Childhood Friends and Recent Pictures

I haven't been writing too much on here lately other than my weekly pregnancy posts. We have been busy with different things and then I am just trying to survive this last month of pregnancy. I definitely don't feel as good as I did with my first pregnancy but I am very thankful for this little life growing inside me.

This weekend I got to see 2 of my best childhood friends. We grew up on the same street and spent hours and hours playing house, dress up, exploring outside, practicing our Star Search audition routines, and having slumber parties. It was fun to catch up with them!

I also helped out with my best friend Lindsay's sip-n-see. Little Cameron was an angel the whole time. We had it at Ooh La La Cupcake Boutique in Town and Country. I had never been there before but it was adorable. Too bad I did not remember to take pictures!

Here are just a few random pictures of Cambry lately. First off she loves her sunglasses. She will even wear them inside for hours. So adorable.

The other night Cambry was running around before bed being so silly. She was dancing and bouncing and then started doing these tripod things with her hands sticking straight out. 

She is not bothered at all by the summer heat. She always wants to go outside. Being in your third trimester does not work well when it is 100 degrees outside. But sometimes I will go outside with her for a few minutes so she can play on the slide. Looking forward to some cooler temps!

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Amy Martin said...

Such a cute picture of all you guys! Oh the good old Heaton days. :).