Tuesday, September 17, 2013

DIY Ribbon Chandelier Mobile

Since I made Cambry a special crib mobile and loved how it turned out, I wanted to make one for Lainey too. Here is Cambry's crib mobile which is still hanging above her crib. I hope to keep it in her room for a long time since it doesn't look too babyish.

I wanted Lainey's to be totally different, and I found some inspiration from a Pottery Barn Kids mobile that is no longer for sale.

This mobile was relatively inexpensive to make. It required 2 metal rings, fishing line, and ribbon. I didn't think it would be hard to make but getting those 2 metal rings to hang straight turned out to be a big challenge. It is definitely not perfectly level, but is good enough. Maybe there is an easier way, but I could not figure it out. I kept adjust the fishing line and would just eyeball it. Here is my ridiculous set up for working on it. It is hanging by Greg's pull up bar in the bathroom doorway. 

Once the rings were in place I just hot glued the ribbon on. These pictures are not very good and the wall color always looks bad in photos. Oh well, you get the idea. One step closer to finishing the nursery!

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Fiona said...

It is beautiful!! You are very talented!