Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Cambry 22 Months

Well I didn't think I would be updating this because I thought I would be busy having a baby. But we are still waiting on Lainey so here is Cambry's 22 month update. I am putting it up a day early since tomorrow I will put up my 40 week pregnancy update.

Skills: Talking constantly still, pointing out objects and colors or just repeating things we say. Not only do you ask "What's that?" in the car, but pretty much throughout the whole day. Everyone knows that kids go through the "Why?" stage, but no one tells you about the predecessor "What's that?" stage. It could be the tiniest piece of fuzz on your blanket or the freckle on your arm, but you are constantly saying "What's that what's that what's that?". Such a curious little one. It also amazes me how you remember and associate things so well. We went back to Jos A Bank to pick up pants for Daddy and you remembered that you watched the mickey mouse video there a couple weeks ago. 

Likes: Your latest thing you like to do is have picnics. We spread your blankets out on the floor and you get your tea set and pretend snacks and all your babies. You have to have all your babies sitting up and you try to get them to hold hands. You call them sisters. You also have a preference for pink and purple. You get upset in music class when they pass out items if you do not get a pink scarf and purple egg shaker. And each week at Sunday School your craft is in your backpack and you have scribbled in purple. Only purple. You still love the Wheels on the Bus song but you actually have not watched the tv show at all this month! You have been watching Daniel Tiger and Sesame Street (Elmo). You of course still love all your girly things - putting on your dress up shoes, carrying around your purse, wearing your sunglasses, bracelets. etc. When we go somewhere you bring SO MUCH stuff. And you make me hold it when we go out to the car because you need one hand free to help you get down the garage step. You love to load up your purse with so many things. I joke that you need a bigger purse - better yet a diaper bag. I have no idea how we are going to get you, all your stuff, and Lainey in her infant seat out the door to go anywhere. I am going to need about 6 more hands. You tried pumpkin bread this month and LOVE it. You start dancing all around crazy when we give it to you. And of course you never go anywhere without your baby and blanket. You love your grandparents too. We haven't seen the Matterns in the past month but whenever my parents come over you start running laps around the house squealing. Oh and you also ask to see videos of Hollyn or the baby (Anderson) all the time.

Struggles:  Well vegetables are a struggle but you will usually try one bite of something if we bargain for something else. Meat is a struggle too a lot of times if it is by itself. You do better when it is something mixed like a soup, or speghetti, casserole, etc. Sharing is still a struggle too.

Schedule: You usually wake up around 7:00 am. Nap time is somewhere around 12 or 1pm and it lasts 1-2 hours. You are pretty good about putting yourself to sleep for naps now that we have moved the glider into Lainey's room. We sit and read a book then sing a song and by then you are very sleepy so you fall asleep in your crib pretty quickly. Bedtime is 7:30pm as usual.

We love you little one! You are going to be such a good big sister! In fact one of your Sunday school teachers asked if we had another little one at home already and said you were very maternal, ha! They said every week you take care of all the baby dolls in class. Yep, that's our girl! Such a little mommy.

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Fiona said...

So much of this I can relate to with Lids. What a fun age! :) A bust one.. but fun! They sure are curious little things. beautiful photos!! I love her dress!

Now come on baby L!!!