Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Around the House, Vol. 1

I am going to try to take pictures of all the cute or funny things I come across around the house. Most of the time I forget - like when baby Jesus was in Cambry's little toy house, or when all my nursing pads were lined up on the bathroom counter, or my grocery list note pad that I found in the trunk of Cambry's push car after looking all over for it. These things just make me smile.

1. Baby with a diaper on sitting up (Side note: She now refers to her baby as "Baby Jesus". Often times when she is carrying her baby in public, strangers will come up to her and say, "Aww, what's your baby's name?". Should I tell them Jesus? Hmm.)
2. Minnie in Lainey's cradle
3. Baby buckled in the car seat
4. What happens when Greg is watching Lainey


Lynn Cooper said...

Hilarious Jana! I should do that too and make it a normal instagram segment. Like when my keys were in a gift bag in the trash. Awesome.

Fiona said...

So cute!! :) Life with a toddler (and baby)!