Monday, December 23, 2013

Lainey 2 Months

Size: At your 2 month check up you weighed 11 lbs. 3 oz. (53%), you were 24 in. long (100%), and your head was 15 in. (51%). You are wearing 3 month or 3-6 month clothes because you are so long. You wear size 1 diapers. We haven't started cloth diapers yet for you because your legs are still so skinny and they seem to leak.

Likes: You like to be held, your paci, being swaddled. and the vent on the microwave. The noise just calms you down. This has really been a lifesaver especially when we are trying to get ready to go somewhere in the morning. l put you in your bouncer by the microwave and you usually will happily stay there for a bit or fall asleep. You like baths most of the time. Car rides and stroller walks are sometimes ok, and sometimes involve crying. You seem to like being carried in the Bjorne.

Dislikes: Evenings are still your fussy time. It just seems to take a long time to get you to sleep for the night.You also don't like getting your clothes changed. And when you are upset you can get LOUD.

Working on: We have been doing less bottles just because we haven't really had a need. But when we do them you take them just fine. The doctor said you should be taking 3-4 oz. from the bottle but you usually take between 2-3 oz. I try to do tummy time with you occasionally but you don't like it. Although you do like to be held up high on our shoulders so that helps with holding up your head. 

Sleeping: This past month you haven't been doing as well at night. You were congested for several weeks and that made it hard for you to sleep. We moved you to your crib about a week before you turned 2 months old. You have been doing good in the crib for night time although we still put you in the swing for naps. You definitely have to be swaddled for naps and night, otherwise you seem to wake up more easily. It seems like your last feeding for the night has been around 8ish. Then sometimes you will wake up around 2 and 5, but other times you will wake up around midnight, then 3, then 6. That is hard on me when your first waking is around midnight because I feel like I just fell asleep. You are doing pretty good at going back to sleep quickly though.

Eating: You eat about every 2-3 hours during the day. You are still so fast. You can go 3 hours and then only nurse for 3 minutes. It is crazy. I try to get you to take more because I just don't see how that is enough but you won't take more. Sometimes you will do 7 or more minutes but it is usually just so fast. It is great since I have Cambry needing me too and also great for nursing on the go, I just hope you are getting enough little one!

Well you started smiling this month and it is so cute. You usually only give smiles right after you finish nursing and I just love it. It feels like we have had you so much longer than 2 months. You still have a lot of hair, although it has thinned a lot since birth. Your eyes are a dark grayish blue. I think they may have gotten a little bluer since birth, so maybe they will be blue after all. Who knows though. I still am so curious what color hair you will have. It definitely looks lighter at the crown of your head where new hair may be coming in. We love love love you little one!

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