Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Festivities Begin

Christmas fun is in full swing. We had a very fun filled weekend. We also just started a new Christmas book tradition which I shared about on Houston Moms Blog.

Friday morning we went to a Christmas party for the kids. They decorated little trees, ate snacks, played, and had a book exchange. Cambry and Lainey wore their adorable Christmas outfits from Jill. I told Cambry to say cheese and this is how she posed.

Cambry discovered that green icing is very delicious.

These weren't all the kids but it was all we could round up for the picture. Lainey was crying and there is just no good way to pose a 6 week old so she did not make the group picture,

Saturday we went Christmas shopping. We ended up shopping at ToysRUs all morning. We were very indecisive and had a number of people to buy for and the next thing we knew it was lunch time. Cambry and Greg looked nice and festive.

That evening we went to Greg's company Christmas party at the Houstonion. They always put on such a nice party with wonderful food and dessert. My parents were so sweet to come over and watch the girls. Lainey took a bottle great! I'm so thankful for that! This was our first outing together away from the girls since Lainey was born.

Today our youth group had an all day event called Christmaspalooza. They went all over town doing fun things. Greg helped out during the event and the girls and I met up with them when they got back to the church. They brought in snow and had a fun slide. Cambry wanted to do it so bad so Greg took her down a couple of times. She loved it! It was quite cold outside but Lainey was bundled up snug as a bug in the stroller. She was awake for a while not making a peep then fell asleep the rest of the time.

And because I feel like Lainey got left out of a lot of the pictures above, here is our cutie pie.

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