Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lainey 4 Months

Well Lainey bear, you have had some ups and downs this month, but I think we are ending the month on an up! In fact, just in the past week you have really started to come alive. You have been much happier, cooing and smiling more, and just so adorable. You have had reflux and tummy issues a lot this month, which have just started to get better. I have been cutting out dairy for a while and we started you on Zantac about a week and a half ago for your reflux. Overall things are really starting to improve!

Size: You weigh 13 lbs. 7 oz. (34%), you are 25in. tall (74%) - although I think you are even taller because your head was a little sideways when they measured you, and head is 15.75in (32%). Basically you are still tall and skinny! Maybe once you stop spitting up you will get chunkier. But you are adorable just the way you are. You wear 3-6 month clothes mostly, and size 2 diaper.

Likes: You love kicking your legs. You are happy laying down on your play mat and kicking. You also love to be held facing out. You have really come around to liking baths too. You like your paci and it almost always calms you down (unless you are hungry). We tried to break you of the swaddle earlier this month but it just wasn't working. So we put you in the sleep sack swaddle for naps and bed and it helps put you to sleep. You do great facing out in the bjorn when we grocery shop or run errands - you love to look around. Oh and you also LOVE sucking on your feet.

Dislikes: Well let me just say that evenings have gotten MUCH better. You don't like it when I put you in the car seat. Once you are in you are usually fine, but you cry when I am getting you situated. You really don't like your reflux medicine. You know when its coming and you shut your lips tight and start making spit bubbles. You also don't like any paci except the soothie. If I try to give you a different kind you spit it out like - what the heck is this?

Working on: You are pretty close to rolling over. You try really hard, and you are able to roll from back to side, but you can't quite make it over. You have rolled over once from tummy to back but I think it was an accident. You are getting better at sitting in the bumbo. You don't like tummy time but tolerate it better if I prop you up on the boppy. You seem close to laughing and I can't wait to hear it.

Sleeping: Well this seems to change by the week. Currently you wake up between 5:45 and 7:00am. You are just like Cambry as a baby in that every day is different. You have no set schedule although you do have a fairly predictable order of events. You are awake for a while (1-2 hours), then you take a nap. Then wake up, eat, and repeat. Your naps range from 45 minutes - 2+ hours. Except your last nap of the day around dinner time is about a 20 minute cat nap. You take about 4 naps a day. You go to bed around 7:30 and usually wake up twice during the night to nurse. Sometimes you will wake up 4 or so times needing a paci in the first few hours. We put you in the swing for naps and at night now too since the incline helps with reflux.

Eating: You nurse about every 2-3 hours. If you take a bottle you drink about 5 oz. I am sooo thankful you take a bottle. I of course love nursing you and mainly do that but it's nice to be able to leave a bottle for church nursery or with Greg if I need to go somewhere. I am not sure how many times I feed you in a 24 hour period, but I think probably 8 or 9.

Your newborn hair keeps getting thinner and falling out although you have a lot of new light brown hair coming in nicely. I still can't tell what color eyes you will have. They seem grayish with maybe a bit of blue or green sometimes.

You are our little sweetheart. We love you more every day. I can't get enough of your sweet little face. Happy 4 months Lainey Bear!

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Elizabeth said...

I can't believe how big she is already! I've been so absent from the blogosphere! She is beautiful!