Friday, February 28, 2014

Spring Is Around the Corner

Although it is still cold off and on, we have had a lot of nice weather lately. We have been taking advantage of it and getting outside, going on walks, and playing at the park. (please note the princess shoes in the picture)

And I think there was finally one day where it was very warm and I could actually put Lainey in just a onesie. The main reason why I am ready for warmer weather is legs. I am tired of covering up those cute little legs (and arms) with clothes. I need to see more cuteness. I do love me some leggings, but nothing beats bare baby legs.

When we were at the park the other day I was trying to get Cambry to look at me for a picture and I kept saying "Look at me Cambry" while taking pictures and waiting for a good shot. Well some little boy apparently heard me and decided to help me out by coming up and turning Cambry's head toward me, haha!

Here are a couple Cambryisms lately:

The other morning as I was getting ready Cambry came up behind me and said "Let's take a look." Then she patted my bottom a few times and then said "You're all dry Mommy."

Cambry kept trying to stand in the bouncer one day and I told her to stop doing it because she might fall. She kept doing it so I said I was going to take it away and I started to reach for it and pull it toward me. So she said "Mommy not sharing. I'm going to put it up." And then she tried to take it away. It was all I could do not to laugh.

She also does a lot of "self talk". She will say things like "it's ok Cambry" or "you got to share" or "it's not scary, it's very nice".

She is a funny one that girl.

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