Thursday, March 27, 2014

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Let it be known that last night Lainey had her best night of sleep in the past 5 months. Which means, so did I! She went to bed at 6:40pm. I know, that is early. That is probably why she wakes up for the day in the 5's. But I just couldn't keep her up any later - she was a tired mess. I am not sure how to break that early bed / early wake cycle. Anyway, She went down at 6:40pm and then woke up hungry around 9pm. Since her last feed was at 5:30pm I fed her again. She went back to bed until...wait for it...4:14am! Hallelujah! She did wake up sometime around 5:30/5:45 I think but thankfully Greg watched her while he got ready for work and I slept in til a little past 6. I woke up several times during the night and would look at the clock and think - why hasn't Lainey woken up? Then I would look at her monitor to make sure she was still breathing then go back to sleep. On Lainey's best ever night of sleep Cambry decided to wake up in the middle of the night but thankfully Greg handled that. Why did she wake up? Oh she just wanted to know where mommy was. In bed. GreatThanksForChecking. Add that to Honest Toddler's list of valid reasons why toddlers get out of bed.

I feel I also should add that last night Lainey was in her crib for the first time. Well not first time ever, but we have been sleeping her in the swing for months due to her reflux. But I elevated one end of her crib mattress and decided to try it out last night. I guess she liked it.

Now, we may not have another night this great in a long long time, but just wanted to report that I am thankful for last night and getting some sleep!!

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