Friday, June 20, 2014

Carrots, Snacks, and Smoothies

1) I am still trying to add new vegetables to our dinner rotations and trying to branch out and like new things. I do not like cooked carrots. I never have. I will eat them if they are mixed in with things - like stew or soup, but I am not crazy about them plain. However, I tried this recipe for Maple Glazed Carrots and they were SO good. They are not as healthy as straight up carrots but the recipe only calls for 1 tablespoon of syrup and I bought the fancy organic grade B maple syrup like my sister told me to because she knows about healthy cool paleo stuff and I get confused and overwhelmed and just read you are not supposed to eat soy or your thyroid might die and oh my gosh I love edamame and I like to eat oatmeal for breakfast which apparently is not a superfood so sue me. Anyway, the carrots are delicious. Even the next day the leftovers were still good. I will definitely be making them again.

2) Lara Bars, mmm. My sister introduced me to these. I have only tried a couple so far, but I want to try more of them. Some contain just 2 ingredients, like peanuts and dates. Cambry likes them too. I finally stopped eating chocolate chip granola bars (I pretty much ate one a day for years), so this is a good alternative for a snack on the go.

3) I still love making smoothies, and Cambry loves them too. I recently wrote a post for HMB with 3 smoothie recipes. You can read it here.

And a bonus item related to food. Greg and I want to try out Costco. I went once a while back and didn't think it was really for me. Still, I always hear such great things about it and friends that find great products there. I think the problem it that it is just so big and I don't know what to get. So if anyone has suggestions on products that they love from Costco, please share!

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Em said...

Hey Jana!!!
Ok, since you mentioned Costco I will say that they have AWESOME cheese at a great price...goat cheese, feta, gouda, muenster etc... I love their frozen sirloin patties and kielbassa jalapeno sausages. They have some really good trail mix, salsa and we love their corn chips. On the healthier side they have some yummy gluten free wraps that I thought were really good and a delicious brussel sprout salad mix. They also have a great basil pesto that I use on homemade pizza or throw into a bowl of pasta and mix with their jarred artichoke hearts as well as other veggies. Sorry if this is overwhelming but I know it helps to know what people like. I am still looking for Costco recommendations because I definitely get stuck on buying the same things over and over. Oh and since you are into smoothies, they have great greek yogurt and I like their big bag of frozen organic blueberries.:)And if you are into sweets, they have chocolate covered pomegranates and I recently tried their "bark thins"- dark chocolate covered pumpkin seeds. SO good. Have fun!