Thursday, June 12, 2014

Grosse Family Vacation 2014: Crystal Beach

Last week we had our annual Grosse family vacation and it was so much fun! This year's destination was Crystal Beach, Texas. Though the seaweed was horrendous, we had such a great time and even after our 7 days flew by I didn't want it to end.

The cousins had so much fun together. It was adorable to watch. Kyler is almost 4, Cambry is 2 1/2, and Hayes is approaching 2 1/2. Little Lainey is 7 months and was showered with lots of attention from her adoring cousins. Each day my mom would gather the kids and give them a little surprise. It brought me back to the days of family vacations growing up when my mom would give us goodie bags each day of travel on the road.

The 3 big kids all slept in the same room and it actually worked out pretty well. We stuck a pool noodle under the sheets along the edge of Cambry's bed and it worked like a charm in keeping her from falling out. Each night before bed the kids would have story time together. So cute.

The seaweed was out of control. Each day we would get to work trying to make a path and clear an area. Then the water would just wash it back up. There were bulldozers out there but as soon as they cleared it it would be back again the next day. The kids didn't mind though!

Lainey took her naps on the beach in the baby pool.

One day we went to Moody Gardens and the kids loved playing on the water slides and in the lazy river. Lainey hung out in the shade with Gigi.

One afternoon after naps we took the kids to these water slides that my sister and I absolutely loved growing up. We went on them every summer and had a blast. They are just these two small slides that you go down on mats but somehow they are so entertaining. Hayes was sick so he didn't go, and Cambry tried it a couple times but was scared. So the adults had fun making trains and going fast on the slides. Lainey fell asleep in Pa's arms.

We also made a number of trips to Gulf Coast Market. It is pretty much the best shop on Crystal Beach. Imagine a mix between a mom and pop grocery store, Academy, Home Depot, Walmart, and a souvenir shop rolled into one. 

One of the themes of the trip was how long it took to get ready to go anywhere. In the morning after breakfast and a bit playing around the beach house we would say - ok, lets get ready to go to the beach. About 90 minutes later we would finally be ready. Taking kids and especially a baby to the beach requires so much stuff and so much sun tan lotion. But it's worth it.

No Grosse family vaca is complete without games. We played several card games and of course minute-to-win-it games that my mom prepared, along with lots of fun prizes. The best one was throwing toilet paper rolls under your leg through a hula hoop.

Then of course when there is a hula hoop lying around there is bound to be a contest. We were all shocked to learn that my dad is a hula hoop ninja. I had no idea he was hiding his awesome hula hooping skills all these years.

We are so thankful to Mom and Dad for planning this fun vacation! We loved every minute of it.

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