Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Family Pictures

I was so excited to get family pictures taken this year! This was the first time we have actually hired a photographer to take our pictures. I love how they turned out. I think we need to make this a yearly thing. I already ordered 2 big canvases from these pictures to hang in our room since our walls are completely bare. Big thanks to Taryn Melgoza Photography for these picture. And here is a little story on how I met her. So several years ago I used to make make cakes as a fun little side hobby. You know, back before I had kids and could spend 18 hours getting the icing just right. Well she heard from our mutual friend Kristen that I made cakes and ordered one. Someone else picked it up so we never actually met. Then she took photos for the very first Houston Moms Blog event last year and we finally met. I started following her photography page and then booked one of her fall mini sessions.

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