Monday, December 22, 2014

Lainey 14 Months

I am not going to do updates every month (I didn't do one last month) but I will try to some months. Lainey is working hard to gain new skills. She is crawling all around and now she is pulling up on things. But it gets dangerous because she cannot really get down safely or stay up for long. But she is loving that she can get into everything. And it seems like WHATEVER Cambry is doing, that is what Lainey wants to come over and get. And Lainey loves Cambry's monkeys. Oh goodness. Since Cambry carries it around everywhere Lainey must realize it is a prized possesion and always tries to grab it.

I am trying to teach Lainey the word no. See here she is chewing on the phone charger cord and then smiling at me. If I raise my voice and say it very firm she will stick out her lip and start to cry. It is so pitiful.

I still can't figure out if she has outgrown her milk protein allergy. We tried giving her cows milk a while back but she didn't really like it. We tried giving her some milk based toddler formula and it seemed to make her fussy but I couldn't be 100% sure it was due to the formula. They we tried again a couple times recently and she got fussy and it seemed like she had reflux. So, anyway, we are trying to figure out what to do about that.

She takes 2 naps a day - one around 10ish and the other around 3ish. But every day is different so the times can vary greatly depending on what we have going on that day or the length of her naps. She sleeps well at night and has been great with all our busy evenings with Christmas festivites. 

Love this little one!

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