Thursday, January 8, 2015

Faith Family and Bows

A while back I gave our master bedroom a new look. It had been the same way for a while and I was ready for a change. We had the walls painted, bought new lamps, new curtains, switched out our old duvet for a plain white one, and bought a few throw pillows. We kept all the same furniture because things can get expensive and you gotta draw the line somewhere. I also ordered 2 canvases from our family pictures we had taken this fall. I love how the canvases turned out. As I was trying to decide where to put the canvases, I felt like maybe I should group them together with something else. Greg suggested putting big wooden words on the wall that said FAITH FAMILY BOWS. I guess that describes us.

As you can see we have nothing on the wall next to the closet. I would like to get a decorative mirror to put there. We also have nothing on or above our big chest of drawers. Maybe this will be the year I work on that.

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Scrappy Mommy said...

GORGEOUS! and I love it!