Sunday, January 25, 2015

Family Fun Week

My sister and her family came in town from Phoenix and stayed for a whole week at my parents' house. And my other sister, Ashley, was in town and stayed a couple days at my parents' house too. We had a blast all together especially the kids. The cousins hadn't seen each other since our beach vacation last summer, but they played like they see each other all the time. Greg took a day off work so we spent 2 nights over there and then I would come during the days the rest of the week.

We celebrated my mom's 60th birthday and my sister's 29th birthday by going to Ciro's, a family favorite restaurant. Then we came back for cake and presents.


Back in December my sister had suggested that instead of exchanging sibling Christmas gifts, we should go out to dinner sans kiddos. So one night we put the kids to bed (Cambry, Kyler, and Hayes all in the king bed), and left them with the grandparents. We went to Liberty Kitchen and had a wonderful time and conversation. My sister even found a wine I liked! If you know me you know that I hardly ever drink. There is not much I really enjoy and I am far too cheap to get a glass of wine or other fancy drink at a restaurant. But she ordered a moscato and insisted I would like it. And she was right! It pretty much tasted like welch's white grape juice which is why I liked it. Anyway, now I can say there is at least one type of wine that I really like. I am so sophisticated.

While the Kimmels were in town we had to go to Monkey Bizness like we did last year. I think we enjoy racing each other in the inflatables more than the kids. My sister gets super competitive.

We spent a lot of time hanging out at my parents house letting the kids run around and play or going to the park. On Saturday morning my dad, Cody, and Greg got to play top golf, which was part of my dad's Christmas gift. Then later that afternoon we went on an impromptu RV trip to Stephen F Austin park. We had just discussed personality types and how my sister was fun country. So of course this was something she loved. Well I was abruptly woken up from my nap with Cambry and told we were leaving in about 5 minutes so I got kinda cranky. My personality type is perfect country (meaning I like things a certain way, like to be prepared, etc). Anyway, I like to spend forever getting ready for the smallest outing and packing everything imaginable that I might possibly need for the girls. I eventually got over my crankiness and had a lot of fun. We hiked some trails and had hot cocoa outside. Then we headed back and picked up Rudy's on the way home. It was just a quick trip but really fun to go in the RV.

We had a great week of family fun. Thanks Gigi and Pa for putting up with all the kiddos in your house!

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