Friday, January 9, 2015

Hair Cuts, Lessons, Crying, and Wrestling

She is 3 years old and we finally got her hair cut. Her hair came in very even and it was always so pretty that I never wanted to cut it. She didn't even need one that bad, but I thought the ends would look better if they were trimmed up. They cut off a couple inches but I should have gotten more cut off because I can barely tell a difference. Maybe in a couple months I will take her back and get it cut shoulder length for a change. I even think a bob would be adorable but I'm not ready to go that short yet. I guess it is just hair and not a big deal but my sister and I still make fun of my mom for the way she cut our bangs (a good 3 inches above our eyebrows). I'm sure Cambry will find plenty of things to make fun of me though no matter what.

Since I am trying to be more intentional about teaching Cambry things, I started talking about the weather when she was playing outside one day. I was explaining the different seasons and how we are in winter right now and it is cold. But then spring will come and it will start warming up and flowers will grow like the bluebonnets we saw last year. Then summer fall blah blah blah. She looked at me and said "Can you stop talking about that?" Yep. Lesson over.

Lainey bear has been such a mama's girl lately. Sometimes I can't even leave the room without tears. She almost always comes crawling after me when I go in the kitchen. And every so often throughout therapy she will have to come dive into me for a quick hug. When Greg is holding her, if she makes eye contact with me she will start crying for me to hold her. We had a couple days this week where she was so fussy and clingy. Basically we had to be in a perpetual embrace all day. Sweet and exhausting.

The picture below pretty much summed up Monday of this week. Pitiful. Even had her ears checked. They were fine.


But gosh she is cute.

When Greg gets home from work the girls love to wrestle with him. Yes, even delicate Lainey likes wrestling. He is the best daddy. He will change out of his work clothes and then often times we will just all pile on the bed and the girls will attack him. 

We haven't been too busy this week. Just getting back into the swing of things. It has been cold but we did find a nice day to take out the new wagon (thanks Nana and Pops). Next week Divine Design starts up again which I am super excited about. And family is coming in town so it should be a fun filled week!


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Scrappy Mommy said...

Praying for you mama! The girls are beautiful and you are doing such an amazing job. When I saw that pic of Lainey I knew exactly how you feel and in praying for rest and refreshment for you. You are providing so much comfort and peace for her just by BEING there! So. Proud of you!
Love you friend! Amy