Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Festivities

Happy Valentine's Day! I tried to get a cute picture of all 3 kids but no one was cooperating. So we did a girls and a boy picture and sent them to the grandparents and aunts and uncles. I love these little cuties.

I love looking back on past Valentine's pictures although I don't like how fast they are growing!!
2 0 1 5

2 0 1 4

2 0 1 3

2 0 1 2

Cambry's school had a Valentine's party and exchange on Thursday. Each kid brought a decorated box or bag for their valentines cards. Cambry loved decorating her box with hearts and jewels and was very proud of the final product.

I decorated heart cookies to give to her classmates and she picked out Frozen valentine cards to stick on them.

On Friday evening our church had their quarterly parents night out from 6-10 pm. When we pulled up in the parking lot at 5:57 pm and saw plenty of other parents already unloading their minivans, Greg pointed out that we can't make it to Sunday church on time but we can certainly get to PNO early hahaha.

We went to Houston Escape Room with several other other couples from youth. It was a lot of fun! It was very challenging but we escaped with 37 seconds left! Then we headed over to Black Walnut for dessert and coffee before picking up the kids.

Cambry was wired as usual after PNO. She was dancing and cracking up and being so silly. Lainey was joining in too. It was quite entertaining.

We did a big valentine's breakfast on Saturday morning instead of Sunday. I made homemade donuts with pink glaze.

We ran a few errands Saturday and mostly hung around the house. Sunday we went to church and did more of the same. It was a fun and relaxing weekend.

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