Thursday, February 4, 2016

Back in the Swing of Things

January was a fairly slow month for us and it was nice. We didn't have a ton of stuff going on, especially on the weekends. I feel like we are settling in to our new normal. The last quarter of 2015 was super packed full of stuff from the time Colton was born. There were birthdays, holidays, and all kinds of events going on. We were adjusting to life with a newborn. We traveled a couple times and Greg took a good amount of vacation days.

Now we are back in the swing of things. I am back to meal planning and cooking. We were very blessed by friends and family with so many meals that I don't think I cooked at all until after the holidays. Now I am trying to figure out how to cook with the chaos of the little ones in the evening.

Speaking of evening chaos, here is a picture that shows the bath time chaos. Greg should be the picture since he is the one who does bath time, but he took the picture. I sometimes come in too and then it is 5 of us tripping over each other in our little bath room. But I sort of love the craziness.

Colton is now going down for bed around the same time as the girls so our evenings are becoming a little more predictable. He is not a huge fan of his crib though, and has been waking up a lot throughout the night.

The weather has been nice and warm lately so we have been spending more time outdoors. Cambry loves to ride her trike outside (she isn't quite interested in her bike yet) and the girls have enjoyed playing in the backyard. 

Please note Cambry is wearing her easter dress and "mittens" (socks) on her hands.

A couple random things about Cambry that are so cute I don't want to forget:
She will say What is their Mattern name? instead of What is their last name?. That just makes me smile. She also says perfec, instead of perfect. It cracks me up how she will arrange her toys and declare "perfec!". She calls the ribbon bookmark in her Bible the "Bible leash". I love it.

Little Lainey is continuing to make progress and I can tell is understanding more and more. She continues to want to shower Colton with kisses. She is also very affectionate and likes to be held and hugged and kissed a lot. She will put her hands together during prayers before meals. She likes songs and tries to dance and do hand motions. She is trying really hard to run and it is adorable. She can get going pretty fast so I know one of these days she is going to do a full out run.

Colton is continuing to chunk up and he is so adorable. Poor thing always gets his naps interrupted by all the things we have to do but he is sweet about it. He is starting to grab toys and bring them to his mouth. He smiles and coos and laughs and it is the best thing ever.

Greg and I had to go to a training night at our church so we got a babysitter for the girls. We kept Colton with us because that is too many young kids to pile on a babysitter right now. We snuck in a dinner date before the training session at a new (to us) restaurant. It was fun!

Looking forward to another fun date night coming up soon when our church does parents night out!

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