Monday, May 23, 2016

Colton 7 Months

Hey there big 7 month old!

Well let's start with the best news -you are sleeping through the night! It happened for the first time a couple weeks ago and it was glorious. You haven't done it every night since but you have been doing it quite a bit. And the crazy thing is you don't even cry in the morning. You just chew on your lovie and hang out until I come get you around 7am. 

Size: According to our scale at home you weigh 17.8lbs. I feel like you keep getting skinnier. I assumed you would be a very chunky baby since you entered the world at 9 lbs but it seems you aren't exceptionally chunky. But you are adorable. You wear 6-12 month clothes and I think we may need to move to size 3 diaper.

Eat: I can't really figure out your day time nursing schedule. Since you started sleeping through the night a couple weeks ago you have been eating more often during the day to make up for the lost feeding(s). I also wonder if you are possibly going through a growth spurt because sometimes you eat 1 1/2 hrs. after your last feeding. You are a very distracted nurser. You only eat for a few minutes then have to see what all the noise is coming from your sisters. I try to get you to nurse longer but it doesn't work. I guess that's why you eat all the time. You still don't like solids so we really haven't been offering them much lately because you just spit everything out. Your reflux has continued to improve. You hardly spit up anymore. 

Sleep: Like I said, you have been sleeping through the night lately! And on top of that, you now put yourself to sleep for naps and night. You don't even want to be rocked. Lainey was this way too. When you are tired you just want us to put you in your crib. You have developed a major attachment to your lovie. If we put you down for bed without it you cry but as soon as we hand it to you you grab hold and happily chew on the corners and then go to sleep on your own. I think the lovie has now replaced the paci. You haven't really been taking the paci at all lately. I remember Cambry lost interest in the paci around 6 months. You still usually take 3 naps a day. The first around 9:15ish, the next around 1:00ish. It is nice that Lainey's and your afternoon nap overlap at least some. Around 5:30 you usually take a 30 minute cat nap. Bedtime is about 7:30 and then you wake up at 6 something and play in your crib for a bit.

Likes/Dislikes: You are a major mama's boy and you definitely love to be held. You don't like to be left alone for long at all. Usually if someone other than Daddy is holding you and you see me you cry to go to me. Thankfully you still usually go to your church nursery class without crying. Of course you love grabbing everything in sight and putting it in your mouth. You like Cambry playing and talking to you but I think you are a little scared of Lainey's not-so-gentle-love, ha! You love to be carried in the Ergo and if you are in there a while you usually fall asleep.

Skills: Your new thing this month is pushing up with your arms. You can't get to the all-fours position yet, but you push up on your arms constantly. You can sit up, but only for a few seconds at a time before toppling.

Your 2 bottom teeth are in and it makes for the cutest little smile. You are our precious baby boy and we love you so much!

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