Sunday, May 22, 2016

Last Day of School

Why does she look like she grew a foot taller??

Well her first year of preschool is complete. I couldn't have asked for a better first school experience. She had a wonderful teacher who was so sweet and good with the kids. The kids in Cambry's class were great and I think she really enjoyed playing and learning with them. She learned A LOT this year. She knows all her letters and sounds, and can write most letters. She can even read quite a few 3 or 4 letter words by sounding them out. The cutest thing is that she writes her and Lainey's name on almost all of her school papers. She always wants to include her sis. They have a music class at school where they have learned a ton of adorable songs and rhymes, and they learn a Bible verse each month that they recite at their weekly chapel. She has brought so many neat crafts home throughout the year. Their school went on a field trip to see the play Goodnight Moon in the fall, and last week they were supposed to go to Noah's Ark pool but it got cancelled due to rain. So instead they got a pajama day at school and brought their pillow and blanket to watch Finding Nemo while enjoying lemonade and popcorn. Her teacher sends out pictures periodically throughout the year so we can see what the kids do during the day and how they interact with each other. I really appreciate her doing this and I love that I can get glimpses of her day through these pictures. What a great year.

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joshua54 said...

Very pretty preschool photos! Thanks for sharing them here. Glad that she had a wonderful experience at preschool. Liked all activities she did in her preschool. I am also trying to find such a professional Phoenix pre-k academy for my son. Hoping to find one soon!