Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baby Bump - 33 and 34 Weeks

At 34 weeks I am...

- Feeling good. Although I do feel like I get tired easily. Not necessarily sleepy-tired, but just winded from even the slightest physical activity.

- Feeling baby's hiccups all the time. She usually gets them a couple times a day. They seem to always be coming from a different spot. Is she just constantly doing flips in there? I wish I knew what position she is in.

- Continuing to have restless legs syndrome. I cannot stay still for long at all. Even sitting through a sermon at church is a challenge. I need to stand up and do some high kicks.

- Trying not to waddle. In public at least. When I am at home I let the waddle out.

- Having braxton hicks contractions a couple times a day.

- Sleeping well. Maybe a little too well. I am pretty sure I don't move at all. When I wake up to go to the bathroom I am still on the same side I fell asleep on. Having a 20lb bowling ball strapped to your stomach does not allow for easy flippage. I cannot just flip to the other side while sleeping. No, it requires being awake and assisting with lifting the melon from one side to the other. Not an easy feat.

- Constantly entertained by stranger's comments. It is fun that strangers usually strike up a conversation about pregnancy or ask me when I'm due, etc. Sometimes people like to guess what I am having - but it is usually split about 50/50 boy/girl. People will have the exact same explanation as to why they think I am having a certain gender, it is pretty funny. However, there are some times when I am out and about and just feeling kinda huge and maybe a little moody and want to avoid any you-should-have-kept-that-to-yourself comments. Comments like - Are you due any day now??? Um, no. I still have 5 1/2 more weeks left. Oh WOW. I have already written a book in my head on Things Never To Say to a Pregnant Woman.

I can't believe it is getting so close to her due date! Although it is weird to not know how much time I really have left to prepare. Do I have 2 weeks left? 7? We shall see!

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Lauren said...

I really think if Greg put a basket ball under his shirt, he would look just like you. Can I put in a request for that? Maybe just a canteloupe? Or a honey dew maybe?

And the turning over in bed thing is the worse! Although my problem more stems from my pillows, see because of my grandma back, I have to sleep with a body pillow in between my legs and hugging it, and one pillow behind me under my back for support. So every time I flip, I have to move allllll the pillows and put everything back in it's right place. Ugh!