Sunday, July 1, 2012

Productive Parenting

Being a stay at home mom with one baby isn't always easy, but I do feel like I have time to get what I need to get done (most days). I know life will just get busier so I am enjoying the current pace of life.

Sometimes I don't really know what to do with Cambry or how to entertain her. We usually get out the house every day (play date, bible study, grocery store, Target, library, Grandparents house, etc). She likes being out and about so I think it is good for her (and me!) But if we spend all day at home, it can be hard to think of things to do with her.

My friend Kristen told me about this website . You can sign up to receive daily emails of simple things to do with your child according to their age. It is nothing mind blowing, but it is nice to have a new suggestion each day.

I also have some other goals for myself regarding being intentional and how I spend my time.

When I nurse Cambry in the morning after she wakes up I want to spend it praying for the day, for Greg, and for Cambry. I am tempted to use it to just check email and read blogs but lately I have been trying to spend those few minutes in prayer instead.

In my mom's group we are challenging ourselves to memorize scripture, so I have been writing each week's verse on a notecard and taping it to the wall by Cambry's changing station. I try to pick one of the verses to read outloud while I am changing her. A lot of times I forget, but i do read them when I think of it and it has really helped me to memorize them. Since I am there all the time (my friends/family tease me that I change Camry's diaper every 15 minutes, ha!) it is a great spot to have them.

When I am worried about something, I have been trying to go to the Lord first instead of google...or babycenter, or Dr. Sears, etc. It is habit to look online for answers as soon as she gets a rash or a fever or something else, but I want to make it a habit to pray first.

I have other mommy goals but those are the ones I can think of now that I have been concentrating on.

As a side note, Cambry is still hating all solid food including rice cereal, bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, applesauce, and pears. I am thinking maybe we just take a break for a few weeks then try again? As soon as she sees the spoon coming she looks disgusted. The girl who puts EVERYTHING in her mouth will grab the spoon but will turn it around and only put the other end - the clean end - in her mouth. She is so funny.

And on another note, she has been doing so well this week with bed time! She has been so fun in the evenings. She has been in great moods, laughing and smiling and being so silly. We have so much fun making her laugh. She is so adorable we just eat it up. I think there was only 1 or 2 days this past week that she cried for a bit at bed time. Several days there was no crying at all when we laid her down awake, and then there were a couple nights like tonight where she only cried for a few seconds when we walked out of her room but then settled herself down and fell right asleep. YAY! She slept through the night twice this week, but the other nights she woke up once to eat (usually around 3 or 4 AM). Not bad at all!


Matt, Emily, Tobin, & Heidi said...

Hey Jana! It's Emily. Just wanted to give you a thought that worked with Heidi. Don't be afraid to just skip the baby food/cereal and go straight to actual solids. Cut up those bananas and avocados and let her "feed" herself. It's messy but Heidi NEVER ate the baby food I tried to give her but picking it up herself and getting it to her mouth was a huge success. It's cheaper, too! Just an idea. Hope you guys are doing great...Cambry is so precious and I love your ideas on making everyday moments more productive!

Anonymous said...

Cambry doesn't need your CONSTANT attention. Let her learn to entertain herself a little each day. When a situation arises that you need to attend to, she will be comfortable with herself and not demand your attention. It is important they learn to play alone and not depend on someone else to entertain them or have the need to be consonantly entertained.When i say play this age, maybe 15 minutes a day. As the age increases, so does the time. She can be in her room for room time, with a gate up so she can't come out; set a timer so she knows when time is up! Just my 2 cents. Kuddos for be an attentive, involved mom. I did this with my now 3 teenage sons.

Jana said...

Thanks for the tip Emily! Yeah I have read a little bit about that online - baby led weening I think they call it. That is a good idea and good to know it worked for Heidi. I think we will try that!

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