Tuesday, October 23, 2012


We just got home from a wonderful vacation to Asheville, North Carolina. It was our first vacation of just our family of 3.

We left on Thursday morning, and had a direct flight to Greenville, South Carolina which was just under 2 hours. Cambry did great! She seemed nervous at take off. She ate yogurt melts and drank water, but then she just sat super still on Greg's lap clutching a water bottle. She stayed like that for a few minutes and ended up just falling asleep. She slept for an hour and a half and then was happy the rest of the flight.


We drove to Asheville which is a little over an hour from Greenville. Asheville is a beautiful small town with an Austin feel. It really felt like fall with the colorful trees, the view of the mountains, and the cool air. The weather was absolutely perfect.

We toured the Biltmore, which was very interesting. People told us you could spend a couple days there, there is so much to see. They were right, it is huge! Although we only spent one day there since our trip was short. You aren't allowed to take pictures inside but we got some nice ones in the gardens and trails on the property.

We walked around downtown at some point every day. There are cute shops, places to eat, and often times live music.

One day we went to this place that had a corn maze, pumpkin patch, hay rides, etc. Cambry is a little too young to really enjoy it, but we had fun.

"Hey, take a picture of me frolicking."

"Well take one of me frolicking too."

We went on a couple of hikes while we were there. We rented this hiking carrier and it worked out great. I think many cities probably have baby equipment rental companies that you can rent things out - from cribs to car seats to a tub of toys. The one we used was just a family that runs it out of their house. They were very nice and easy to work with.

We got a suite at the hotel we were staying at, which I definitely recommend if you can. A not-as-nice hotel with a suite would be better than a standard room at a nicer hotel, in my opinion. But even with a suite, things aren't perfect. The first night we were up for about an hour and a half because she woke up crying and would not let us lay her down. Then she was not tired at all and just wanted to play. We ended up letting her sleep with us, which we have never really done, and now I know why. She moves so much! The other nights she did better though.

Cambry is so laid back and go with the flow. She was overall a very easy traveler. We had a great trip and I hope we get to take more before we have to buy her own plane ticket!.


Fiona aka DRMama said...

This looks like such a fun trip. Love all of the beautiful photos. Good for you two for getting out and about with a little one... on hikes and everything. That is awesome!! :)

Lauren J. said...

LOVE the frolicking pictures! and that hiking baby carrier is awesome, who knew that existed?!