Monday, October 15, 2012

Wiggly Worm

We took Cambry's 10 month pictures yesterday. Wow. Not an easy task. She used to just lay there. Now she is all over the place! It took both of us acting like fools and playing "Lots of Shapes" video on the iPad to get any good shots. We were practically sweating at the end. I will post the good ones tomorrow with her 10 month update but for now here are the outtakes.

Cambry. No.

Stay still.

No flipping.

Ok, abort.

Let's take it from the top again.

Sit still for a sec.

No - 

Come back...

She is so funny. I guess it didn't help that we took them in the evening during her hyper time. Oh well, we did manage to get a few good ones. I love our little wiggle worm!


Fiona aka DRMama said...

This is so funny because this is exactly Alidia today during her 9 month photo shoot!!! She would not lay still and just wanted to crawl away! I think it is just going to get harder and harder! :P These photos are so cute though!

Ashley S said...

This is exactly what I thought of when you posted month one. :) She's so cute!