Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Waco Visit and Jill's Shower

(Cambry, Me, Nana, Hollyn, Jill, Mimi, Michelle)
Last weekend we went to Waco to visit Greg's family and to go to Jill's baby shower. I had to steal her pictures to post because we forgot to bring the memory card for our camera so we didn't take any pictures.

(Aunt Geri with Cambry)

Jill's baby boy is due December 26th. I cannot wait to meet him. I am so curious what he is going to look like and be like. Will he have blonde curly hair like Hollyn? I am praying that this little boy likes to sleep :) This will be Cambry's third boy cousin.

Cambry had so much fun with Hollyn this visit. Cambry would chase Hollyn all around the house, and then Hollyn would come after Cambry and she would squeal and laugh. It was so cute to see them interacting.

The guys went fishing while the girls were at the shower. Then afterward the guys took Hollyn to the park, Nana stayed home with Cambry, and Jill, Michelle, and I went shopping. We went to a couple "junk" stores and to a great children's resale shop. Anyone know of any junk stores in Houston? The kind with all the cute shabby chic stuff? How is Houston so big yet I can't find any of those stores. I know of Texas Junk store but that is not exactly what I am looking for. 

We had a fun time as usual and I am looking forward to Baby Anderson's arrival in December!


Lynn Cooper said...

Have you ever been to Thread Children's resale in the Heigths? I went today and it was so fun. Next to it was this store called Jubilee. It wasn't qutie "junk" but it had a lot of shabby chic stuff. I love that kind of stuff too!

Jana said...

Lynn - Yes Thread is a great store! I have been to Jubilee a couple of times and they do have some really cute stuff. Although they didn't have quite what I was looking for (shabby chic mirror or shutters or window pane kind of thing), but a cute place still.