Sunday, March 24, 2013

Exciting News

We have some exciting news in the Mattern household. If you haven't heard, we are expecting baby #2! We are so very excited!

My due date is October 16th. I am 10 1/2 weeks along. Although I look like I am in my second trimester. I am serious. They say you show sooner in subsequent pregnancies. They are right. The bump showed up at 8 weeks and the belly band came out at 10 weeks. But that's ok - because we have a precious little baby on the way!

I took this last night - 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant.

Um, is this looking similar to my EIGHTEEN WEEK picture with Cambry?? Should I ask my Doctor to check for twins?

I will probably have to write a separate post later about my big belly fears based on the largeness of the belly last time and the rate of growth this time. In case you forgot what the belly looked like last time I will post a pic soon. Of course it is all worth it and I am so overjoyed to be pregnant so I am not complaining, just keeping it real :)

I have been day dreaming about nurseries, remembering the tiny fingers and toes, those first days in the hospital, brainstorming names, looking for double strollers, mapping out a route from the hospital to Chick Fil A, googling maternity swim suits, and a million other things. Sometimes I start thinking about the scary things like labor, early weeks of breastfeeding, baby blues, and sleepless nights. But then I just think of the pure joy of babies and I don't dwell on those things for long. I can't wait to see Cambry take on her role as a big sister. They will be 22 months apart. I think that will be such fun for them!

So far this feels almost exactly like my pregnancy with Cambry. I have been feeling very nauseous. It starts out pretty mild in the morning and gets worse throughout the day. I don't throw up, I just constantly feel so icky. By the evening I can barely do anything. Greg has been absolutely wonderful taking on pretty much everything around here. He lets me lay down when he gets home and he takes care of Cambry, dinner, chores, laundry, etc. I am tired so I have been taking naps during the day and going to bed early. Plus I am pretty miserable at night so I would rather just be asleep. I have Zofran but it doesn't help much and has side effects so I hardly take it. With Cambry the nausea didn't start to improve until around 14-16 weeks. So I still have a ways to go! It is all completely worth it though.

With Cambry however, I could hardly eat anything. Food and water grossed me out. I lost a bunch of weight in my first trimester. This time, food still grosses me out, but I am constantly eating. Sometimes I get a tiny bit of relief from nausea right after eating something. Although I have been eating the most unhealthy things. As soon as this nausea goes away I plan on eating healthy again.

I have had one ultrasound so far and will have my next appointment in a week and a half. I am so looking forward to finding out if it is a boy or girl. We won't find out until 20 weeks but I know it will be here before we know it.

Here we go again!


Fiona said...

Congratulations!!!! :) What wonderful news!! I am very excited for you and your family. Cambry is going to be an awesome big sister!

Elizabeth said...

YAY!! Congratulations! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one feeling bigger earlier this time around! It's strange, but it's true what they say :) I need to look at a comparison picture like you did LOL

Jeanine said...

Congratulations! My two little ones are 23 months apart. It's fabulous!

The Struzick Saga said...

OMG congrats girl!!!!!! So exciting! Hope you start to feel better soon.