Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Weekend

Christ is Risen!

We have had a great Easter weekend. Saturday we hung out with little D and took him to a park. Greg and he fished some while Cambry played on the playground. Unfortunately they did not catch any fish.

Then we played a little game with him using eggs. I had made a set of resurrection eggs using this website with printable verses. We first hid the eggs for him to find. Then to make it a little more fun for him since he is older we said he could get a dollar for each egg that he correctly guessed what the object represented before looking at the verse. He got 7 right!

Sunday morning we went to church. It was a nice service and the worship songs were great. We went to the early 8am service which was probably the least crowded. Then we came home and relaxed a little. The weather was beautiful today. We sat outside a bit and then had the windows open throughout the day. We watched the storm roll in late afternoon which was fun to watch.

My parents came over around lunch time and brought brisket, potatoes, beans, salad, and cake. It was so nice of them to bring it so I didn't have to do anything and my mom did all the cleaning too!

Cambry got a few little things in her Easter basket.

We didn't do an egg hunt for Cambry, but she has done a few recently. Although she doesn't quite get it, she will pick up a couple eggs for a minute before becoming disinterested. Earlier this week we played with eggs in the front yard and she got a few.

Also, we had our small group Easter social this week and had a little egg hunt for the kids. I didn't go since I still feel so nauseous at night, but Greg took Cambry. It looks like the kids had fun. I filled Cambry's eggs with some healthy fruit snacks, graham crackers, and raisins. Although I don't think she noticed or cared, ha!

Happy Easter!

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