Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Shirt

Greg had just left for Prague for a week. It was super early but I was dying to know if I was pregnant. I took a test the day after he left and thought I saw the faintest faintest line. You really can't tell in the picture...unless you zoom in and squint ;)

My heart was racing and I starting getting really excited. I started googling like mad if a super-faint-barely-there line was a positive. Most agreed yes. The next day I took another test. It was a teeny tiny bit darker.

I was still not entirely convinced so I bought a digital test. Pregnant! I was bursting with joy. I was dying to tell Greg but I wanted to do it in a fun way and not just over the phone. So I turned to my trusty friend, Etsy, and ordered the cutest big sis shirt. It was on sale, the right size (wanted it a little big so she can proudly wear it to the hospital), and the seller would ship next day priority mail. How perfect was that?

When I picked Greg up from the airport Cambry was wearing her shirt. I knew he wouldn't see it in the car because her harness covered it and it was dark out. When we got home Cambry was walking all around and I was waiting for Greg to notice. He did not see it! Finally when they were playing on the bed I held Cambry up in front of him for a clear view. Suddenly his eyes got huge and he started saying what?? What?? He got so excited. It was the best reaction and totally worth the wait!

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Scrappy Mommy said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! ! SO fun and such a great job with the surprise!!! So overjoyed for y'all!