Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time Change

Well we did have a nice little schedule going. It was nice to know when Cambry would nap. Well this week following the time change things have changed a bit. We will have to wait and see if they go back to normal.

The past 2 mornings Cambry has slept until 7:30am. That is a much welcome treat to sleep in past her normal 6am wake up time. However it throws her naps off.

We went to Pottery Barn Kids this morning because they were having a St. Patrick's day themed story time and craft. So Cambry wore her green and we headed out. It started at 11:00am. I had tried to put her down for a nap earlier in the morning but she would not take one. So I thought she would at least get a short nap on the drive there. Wrong again.

Here she is waiting for story time to start. It got super crowded. I guess lots of people looking for spring break entertainment.

Well Cambry lost interest pretty fast. She could barely see with so many people there and was getting tired of sitting still. So I let her play around the store a bit and then we left. We did not make it to the craft but she may have been too young for it anyway.

She fell asleep on the way home. She transferred to her crib and ended up taking a 2 hour nap. That ended up being her only nap for the day.

Late in the afternoon we met up with a friend who lives a few streets away. We walked to the park and then walked and chatted a bit. The weather was beautiful today.

So we will see if Cambry keeps sleeping in or maybe I will have to start waking her up earlier so she will take her 2 naps. Always a guessing game!


Jill said...

I would let pumpkin sleep in and YOU sleep in too!! :) Hollyn dropped the little morning nap that she did take at 14 months. And then she would take a longer and better nap in the afternoon. I liked that so it freed up our morning for playdates and such. Even though I really didn't take her many places bc she was too crazy! Haha!

Fiona said...

Sleeping in a bit sounds like a nice change! :) We are just transitioning to one nap here and it is going well. I do like having mornings free to go out with her, then a nice long 2+ hour nap in the early afternoon. Love her St.Patrick's Day outfit. Such a pretty girl!!