Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cambry 20 Months

Well this is a few days late, but you are 20 months old! You make us laugh daily with your fun, silly, and sweet personality. 

Skills: You understand so much it is amazing. And you can communicate with us so well. It seems like you are able to repeat just about any word we say. You do have a hard time with your name though. You can't say Cambry very well but you can say Paige! You just love to talk all day long. I love it when you use your hand expressively and babble something in baby language with a few real words thrown in there too. You are getting better at knowing your colors. I think your favorites are purple and yellow. You also know what most of my make up is for, ha! You like to go through my make up bag while I put it on in the morning. You know the blush goes on cheeks, the mascara goes on eyes, the lip gloss goes on lips, and the small brush for eyebrows. You are starting to try to dress yourself. You love to try to put on shorts and also to try and put on your own shoes. You haven't been too interested in sitting on the potty lately but you are getting good about telling us when you have a dirty diaper. The other day you walked backwards right up to me and said "Check!". So I checked, and yes, it was time for a diaper change :) You also know to pray before meals and will do it even if we forget. You fold your hands, bow your head, make little whispering sounds and then say Amen! It is the sweetest thing.

Likes: Of course Wheels on the Bus is still at the top of your list. You sing the song all the time and watch the show pretty much daily. You love your babies still and are always caring for them, kissing them, etc. You still love chapstick too and will always go to my nightstand to find it. You like to dance and spin and just run around like crazy, especially in the evening. You like dogs a lot. Darby stayed here for a week while Gigi and Pa were in Arizona, and you always wanted to pet her. As soon as you woke up each morning you would ask about Daddy, and then about the dog. We are also noticing lately that you like to be clean. If things get on your hands/fingers while eating you hold them out for me to wipe off. You will fuss if a few drops of milk or water spill on your arm until I wipe it off. If something spills or drips on the floor you want me to wipe it off immediately. I guess this is a good thing that you like to be clean! You also love to play in Daddy's truck (while it is off with the windows rolled down while supervised). And when we go to the grocery store if there is a cart with an attached car you HAVE to ride in that one. And I am so proud to say - you like bows!! You have always been good about keeping them in but now you hate to have your hair in your face so if it is down and in your eyes you will get frustrated pushing it back and yell booooooowwwwww! Every morning when I get you out of your crib the first thing we do is grab a bow.

Struggles: You do not like for anything to be "tight". Sometimes you complain that your clothes are tight, or your car seat buckle is tight, etc. I try to explain that it is not very tight but you insist tiiiiiight!!! You still are not a big fan of vegetables.

Schedule: You wake up usually between 6:30-7:00. You have been wanting to go down for a nap earlier than 1 pm lately. If we are just hanging out at home and you haven't had any power naps in the car while running errands, you usually can't make it past noon. There have been a few times where you have fallen asleep at your high chair in the middle of lunch because you get so tired. You always fall asleep on the way home from church. We just give you a pouch on the way home so at least you have something in your tummy before you fall asleep. Your nap length is unpredictable. Sometimes just 1 hour. Other times 2 1/2. Bed time is 7:30.

No new teeth. I think you have all of them for now until your 2 year molars come in. You wear 18-24 month clothes and size 4 diaper. You wear size 5 or even 6 shoe.

You are our beautiful little girl and we love love love you. I wish you would stop growing up so fast!

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