Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Like Father Like Daughter

I have mentioned before that Cambry has recently become concerned about cleanliness. She doesn't like food getting on her hands. Sometimes she doesn't like her tray to get messy either. This definitely comes from Greg. He is extremely neat. Definitely neater than me. And I very much appreciate this about him. It is just funny to see it in Cambry. This morning she was having banana and peanut butter and did not like the peanut butter getting on her tray. I mean, look how tiny those drops of peanut butter are! And her concerned face cracks me up. So I handed her wipes and she proceeded to wipe up her tray and hands and face. Well awesome. There goes my job.

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Fiona said...

hehe Lids is the exact same way! Needs to clean up all her messes... but in our case she gets it from her mama!