Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Weekend

Here are some things we did this weekend...

1. Date night!

We went to Del Friscos for Houston Restaurant week. It was delicious! Our reservations were at 6:15 because we are just awesome like that :) Super romantic when it is broad daylight outside. But we wanted to catch a movie afterward without falling asleep. Even with our early dinner we still didn't get home until almost 11. WHOA watch out people we are pretty wild and crazy.

Speaking of wild and crazy - I had to document this because it will NEVER happen again. We had drinks and a popcorn at the movies. Greg said he was pretty sure this was his first time to ever have a drink and popcorn at a movie. This only happened because we had coupons to get it all free. You didn't think Mr. Frugal McCheapy would pay for this, did you? But really, who can blame him - a small soda was FIVE DOLLARS.

2. We got this climber for Cambry. For free. Woo hoo. When we were driving home from our date it was just sitting out on the curb of a house down the street from us. Score. We haven't cleaned it off yet or showed it to Cambry. Need to inspect it to make sure nothing is majorly wrong with it.

3. We went to a friend's 3 year old birthday party. Cambry had a blast. But she did not want to play in the splash pad. She insisted on playing on the playground where it was approximately 2000 degrees. Thankfully Greg supervised her while I rested my belly.

4. I got a lot of organizing done in Lainey's room. You know how things have to get worse before they get better? Well this is them getting worse.

Thankfully it is already looking better. We moved Cambry's changing table in there and moved a chest of drawers into her room. Then we switched a bunch of stuff between the 2 closets and organized a lot of clothes. I still have more work to do but I feel a lot better about the progress.

I also think I doubled in size this week. Ok not really, but I just feel so uncomfortable. Sometimes I find myself googling "is it possible to discover twins at 32 1/2 weeks pregnant?".

And that's a wrap for our weekend.


Cajun Cowgirl said...

Free movie snacks and climber? Awesome!

Lynn Cooper said...

We went to Del Friscos also on Friday night for the church's parents night out. Good food! And awesome freebies!