Monday, November 18, 2013

Cambry 23 Months

(poor thing you have several mosquito bites on your face)

Skills:  You are speaking more often in phrases or short sentences these days. Your favorites are "no like it", "mommy clean it up", "see you later", "I love you", and "thanks mom" (This one kills me! You are not even 2. It is mommy, not mom!). You can definitely express what you want. You seem to have a very good memory too.

Likes: We have been using a lot of your busy bags this month and you really like them. You will ask for specific ones after playing with them. You ask to go to the park a lot so you can "swing high". You love watching a show in the afternoon - lately it has been Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You talk about it a lot and know what happens next throughout the show. You still love singing the Wheels on the Bus song and watching videos of it on the phone/iPad. You suddenly love your Minnie Mouse this past month. You have been playing with your mouse and baby all day long - changing their diapers, feeding, burping, rocking them, and hugging and kissing them goodnight. You like to help with Lainey too - giving her the paci, helping with diaper changes, helping burp her, etc.

Struggles:  Sharing and whining. Pretty much just typical toddler stuff. Oh and just in the past week or so bed time has been a struggle. You have been using a variety of stalling techniques. One of them includes giving hugs and kisses - to everyone (Daddy, Mommy, Lainey) and everything (doll, Minnie Mouse, night light, chicken barn toy, etc), This one is the hardest to pass up when we hear you crying from your room "Daddy kisssss" or "Mommy huuuuuuuuug".

Schedule: You usually wake up between 6:30 and 7:00 am. Nap time is somewhere around 12 or 1pm and it lasts about 2 hours lately. Bedtime is 7:30pm as usual. So far you haven't woken up much from Lainey's crying. I was so worried about it since our house is small and you can hear everything from any room of the house. But Lainey doesn't hardly cry at night and when she is fussy after you go to bed we try to keep her in the play room since it is farthest from your room.

I can't believe next month you will be 2! Where did our little baby go? You definitely seem to have grown up so much now that we have Lainey in the family. But you are sweet as can be and your smile melts my heart. I love to hear you say "I love you", and love it when you give hugs and kisses. I love to hear you sing and talk to yourself or your baby doll. Love you so much!

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