Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Getting Out

One of the biggest adjustments for me now that I have 2 has been staying at home more. When it was just Cambry and I, we would be out and about all he time - play dates, library, Divine Design, music class, running errands, etc. Now that I have a newborn we have been staying home a lot more. Right now it is just hard to get everything ready and leave the house and take them both somewhere.

My first outing by myself with both girls was to Kroger 2 weeks ago. It was actually a very stress free trip... for the most part. I put Lainey in the Bjorn and Cambry rode in the cart. I couldn't find one of those car carts. As I lifted Cambry up to put her in the cart while wearing Lainey suddenly she did NOT want to go in the cart and would not cooperate by putting her legs in the seat. I was trying not to squish Lainey while wrestling my 30 lb toddler in the air. A stranger had to come to my rescue and put Cambry's legs through the holes. Goodness. But once we got past that everything was fine. Whew, first outing down.

Since then I have only taken them a couple other places on my own. One of them was Kroger again. On that trip I discovered the car carts actually have smaller baskets and a car seat cannot fit in them. So that was fun explaining to Cambry that we had to get out and go back to the car so I could wear Lainey so she could still go in the car cart. Lesson learned.

I went to Divine Design last week (kind of like MOPS). Cambry goes in childcare there and Lainey stayed with me. They have a couple "Mimi's" in the room to help take care of the little babies so the moms can participate. We made pie crusts that week. Yum.

I know that some people wonder what stay at home moms do all day. It doesn't offend me. I also wondered what they did all day before I became one. I knew they worked hard and weren't just sitting around all day, but I still couldn't really imagine what exactly their day would look like - just like I don't know what exactly Greg does all day at work and yet I know he works very hard.

Anyway, the other day I actually made this statement to Greg. "I didn't have time to go on a walk today because I went to Kroger". Yep. True story. Time spent getting ready to go to Kroger: ALL MORNING. By the time Cambry had breakfast, I nursed Lainey, held/rocked Lainey off and on most of the morning, repeatedly changed both girls' diapers, had breakfast myself, got dressed, got Cambry dressed, nursed Lainey again, cleaned up breakfast, more diapers, wrestled Cambry to brush her teeth, packed the diaper bag, and nursed Lainey had been so long since breakfast that Cambry now needed a snack. And this is important because you never want to take a hungry toddler to the grocery store. So of course eating a snack takes about 25 minutes, which results in more diaper changes for both girls. So we finally made it to Kroger. But by the time we got home it was late so lunch time and nap time ended up later than usual. Then by the time Cambry woke up from her nap, had a snack, and Lainey was fed, Greg was about to be home from work because he was getting home a little bit earlier that day. So there you have it. What do I do all day as a SAHM? Go to Kroger.


Jill said...

so so so true!!!! Going to the grocery store with littles literally takes all morning NAND when you add in cleaning out the fridge then then putting up the groceries- there goes whole day:)

Scrappy Mommy said...

You are doing so great lady!! Good job! Praying for you with the transition and for Cambry. So excited for y'all!

Ashley said...

this is so true!!! it's always an adventure to get both kids out the door! found you on Houston Mom's Blog & I'm in DD too! :)

joan said...

So So true!! Getting to the grocery, with two under two, and purchasing items, and getting home, well it can be intense!! Can't wait to meet sweet Lainey.