Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cambry Lately

Since I am no longer doing monthly posts for Cambry, I will give a little update on her. She has the cutest sweetest personality and she makes us laugh all the time.

The girl loves to sing. And she knows so many songs. This may or may not be due to the fact that she loves watching nursery rhyme videos on YouTube. She sings itsy bitsy spider, Mary had a little lamb, old macdonalds farm, here we go round the mulberry bush, and a bunch more. Although she does NOT like it when I sing. I will just be casually singing something without noticing and she will say "no like mommy's singing". I am like WHAT? Is it the song or my voice you don't like? "Voice". For the record she does not like Greg's singing either.

She really loves going to childcare at church. She goes on Sunday morning, Tuesday mornings for Divine Design, and Wednesday and Friday mornings for my workout class. She loves all of her teachers and has so much fun. She heads straight into the room without even saying bye when I drop her off and she gets so silly and starts dancing all around when I pick her up. Her Wednesday/Friday teacher commented on how "jolly" she always is and how she has never seen her cry. On Fridays her class even does a little Zumba lesson which sounds so cute. The other day when I picked her up she sat down to put on her shoes next to another little girl in the class (who I didn't know) and said "Hi Maddie". I was impressed she knew her name and called her by it. She sounded so grown up having her own friends. I am so thankful she likes going to childcare so I can have little breaks throughout the week and for her teachers who are all so sweet.

Although she can sometimes be shy around strangers she has started really hamming it up in front of people lately. If a friend or neighbor comes over to the house she will be so funny and silly.

Also, I think her baby doll finally has a name. She has started calling her Holly recently. It took me a couple days to figure it out. At first I thought she was talking about her cousin Hollyn, but I am pretty sure she is calling her baby doll that name.

She likes reading books, but usually only before bed. Although sometimes you can hardly even read the story to her because she talks non stop just pointing out everything that is going on in the pictures. We can't even really read the Jesus Storybook Bible to her anymore because she just wants to look at the pictures and talk about them. She loves looking at the picture of John the Baptist eating honey. She is very adamant about NOT reading the story where Jesus calms the storm because she "no want to see the people get scared".

She has been so sweet and so good and especially so patient lately with all of Lainey's crying (more on that later). She cracks us up with all the funny things she says and I am daily blown away by all the things she knows. This is such a fun age where she can really communicate with us and we have such fun conversations. 

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Fiona said...

She sounds like such a sweetheart... especially for a two year old!! ;) Oh and Lids HATES when I sing too. I always try to sing along or even attempt to sooth her with song at bedtime but I always get the same response of, "Shhhh Mummy!!! No sing!" :/