Friday, March 21, 2014

My Little Shoppers

I am thankful that both of my girls are good little shoppers. Cambry loves to ride in the car grocery cart and Lainey is content to be in the Bjorn. Now, lest you think all of our grocery trips are smooth sailing, let me say that we do have the occasional hiccup. I have had a stranger come to my aid when wrestling my 30+lb toddler into the child seat of a cart who has suddenly decided to go all stiff leg and uncooperative on me while wearing an infant strapped to my chest. Also have been helped by a stranger after sacker decided to put my groceries in a new cart instead of the one Cambry was riding in, then when I tried to transfer her and let her walk I realized she had taken off her shoes so as she sat completely motionless on the extrememly clean floor, I had to bend over and attempt to put on her shoes, again while wearing a crying infant as I held up cart traffic.

But anyway, MOST of the time the girls are great. Although you gotta watch Cambry. She is sneaky. There have been numerous times she has grabbed something without me noticing. It is quite funny.

And here is my sweet Lainey bear, who loves to look around and kick her legs. 

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Fiona said...

So glad that they are both such good shoppers! Oh Lids does the sneaky thing too and puts things in the cart or holds things I don't know about and always have to check for at check out!!