Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Day in the Life

It has been a while since I have done a day in the life post, so here is my day on Friday, July 18th. Times are estimated because I have already forgotten how everything went down.

I try to wake up to pray, read, and drink coffee before the kids wake up. It doesn't always happen, but it is my goal. I woke up a little later today but luckily the kids slept in a little later so I still had some peaceful time to myself. Greg gets up crazy early so he is already gone. He usually does the 5ish AM feeding for Lainey since he is up at that time.

Lainey is up and dressed and Cambry gets up shortly after that. Mornings are my most favorite time of the day. Which is strange, because I do not consider myself a morning person. I love sleep. But once you become a mom, you kind of have to give up that dream of sleeping in for the next 18+ years. And somehow, I am ok with that. I am thankful that I get to stay home with my girls and we have a relaxed schedule where we can hang out in the morning and just chill. I usually make oatmeal or eggs and bacon for breakfast. However, this morning I am taking my workout class so we don't have time to do a sit down breakfast. I make banana peanut butter smoothies for Cambry and I to drink on the go. (I recently posted the recipe on HMB here.) 

Bags are packed and we are headed out the door to church where I work out. I drop them off at child care there and my class starts at 9:15. It is a lift/circuit class and it is a good way. I am already sore from Wednesday's class and this makes me even more sore. 

We are back home. Lainey falls asleep on the way home since she did not sleep in child care. I clean up the kitchen while Camrby plays then I start on lunches. I am having leftover Thai Chicken Salad, a new recipe I tried this week. I thought it was good. Although I wasn't crazy about the papaya, which I was confused about. It called for green papaya. Is that just describing the ripeness or is that a specific kind - like a green apple? I don't know about papayas and have never bought one. I only saw one type of papaya at the store so I bought a greenish one. It was pretty soft though - tasted almost too ripe. Oh well, the salad was still good. Cambry had leftover mac-n-cheese and strawberries.

Lainey is up from her nap, which didn't end up lasting too long, and Cambry just went down for hers. So Lainey and I play in the playroom and work on some physical therapy.

Not sure what time exactly it was but Lainey went down for another nap and Cambry was still asleep for hers. I quickly jumped in the shower. I usually shower at night after the girls go to bed but I decided to take it during the afternoon today.

Again, can't remember times but at some point the girls woke up. Time to pack the diaper bag and get ready to go to Lainey's GI appointment, which is at 4:30 in the Med Center. Traffic should be fun!! Cambry colors at the table and Lainey plays in the high chair while I pack as if we are going on a 2 day trip. Snacks and water for Cambry and me, bottles for Lainey, diapers for both, activities for Cambry, and the ipad so she can watch a show on the way home in case we are stuck in hours of traffic. Gotta be prepared!

Who can possibly estimate how long it will take to get to the med center in Friday afternoon traffic? I leave an hour early just in case. Getting to and parking at med center gives me anxiety.

Whoop - we made it on time! Forget the Children's Museum, I should just bring Cambry to Texas Children's Hospital for fun. Yeah, that is the waiting room, slide included.

I am home from the appointment, whew. Traffic was only mildly horrible. But Daddy is home now so YAY! I repack the diaper bag so we can all go out to eat. We go to a new (to us) mexican restaurant. It was good and cheap. Cambry was thrilled for me to take her picture.

We get to our favorite fro-yo place. Yes we are addicted. BUT, because of our obsession and our reward points on my app, we earned a free yogurt. Which turned out to get all three of our yogurts for free since we didn't get much each and the weight/price was less than $5 or something like that. I am not really sure what happened but basically we didn't pay anything for the 3 of us. Awesome. This only makes our addiction stronger.

Get home and get the girls to bed. Then I head out to pick up a prescription for Lainey. Get home after 9 and finally can relax, hang out, and go to bed. It was a good day :) Oh and I should add that since it was closer to 9 by the time the girls were actually in bed, they both slept in until 8:30 today!!!

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Scrappy Mommy said...

Great job! What a busy day! You are such a great mommy, so organized and fun and put together!! Love you friend.