Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another Random List

I don't really have anything interesting or exciting to write about, but I feel the need to blog since I haven't been updating it much lately. I have only been posting about 5 times a month for the past several months. I love looking back on this blog so I really want to post more often. I was just looking back at some of my posts from when I was 40 weeks pregnant and waiting for Lainey to be born. What a special and exciting time!

Well nothing too new is going on so I will just do what I usually do when I have no direction for my post: make a random list.

- I took Cambry to the splash pad the other day, but she was not that interested. I was hoping I could just sit in the shade holding Lainey and watch her play, but instead she wanted to play on the playground. That requires me holding Lainey on one hip while hoisting Cambry with the other arm on and off of swings / seesaws / springy things / etc. But I still enjoyed hanging out with my girls. I ended up taking them back a couple days later. Then the following day I decided I couldn't handle the heat anymore so we went to the indoor galleria play land. And we ended up seeing a friend there. Win!

- I tried this recipe for zucchini lasagna last week. I thought it was delicious but it took quite a long time to make. And it required cleaning up way too many pots, grill pans, bowls, spatulas, mincers, knives, cutting boards, spoons, baking pans, etc. Not cool. Not cool at all. But Cambry did eat it. She wanted seconds in fact. And then at the end she started to detect the zucchini which I had tried to cut up real small. She told me she did not like those "green things".

- Lainey has learned to blow bubbles and make that silly sound with her tongue. She is very proud of this feat and does it quite a lot. She has also learned how to roll from tummy to back - yay Lainey! And she has one or possibly two bottom teeth that have popped through. It is hard to tell. She doesn't exactly love for me to inspect her gums.

- I think Cambry is nearing the stage of embarrassing questions/statements out in public. She has said some funny things lately that made me a little nervous about what may come in the future. At therapy a lady walks in and Cambry says loudly "What kind of pants is that mommy wearing?". Then when Cambry, Lainey, and I were all in the bathroom stall there she says "Are those your undies, Mom? What kind of undies are those?" I do love how curious and honest kids are.

- Lainey still hates tummy time but will tolerate it in small increments if I let her watch the ipad. So that is what we do. All in the name of therapy.

- We are officially addicted to the fro-yo place by our house. We have limited ourselves to once a week. Impressive self control, I know. It is so close and makes the perfect little evening family outing.

- We played Setters of Catan with friends this weekend. I think we played until 11:30. Whoa. We almost made it to MIDNIGHT. It felt like New Years Eve. We are so wild and crazy. It had been way too long since we have played games and I forgot how much I love them.

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