Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Girl and Her Babies

I love how much Cambry loves her baby dolls. She has a lot - probably 6 or so. And she plays with most of them. I will often find the doors closed to both her and Lainey's rooms and find a baby doll in the swing or doll bed "asleep". If she sees me going back there to put something away she will tell me "Shhhh! My baby is sleeping!". We will be playing in the play room and she will say, "My baby is crying!" and run off to the back to tend to her baby. A couple of her babies are named Holly, one is named Savannah, and I not sure what the others are named. She constantly totes them around, pushes them in the stroller, holds them, etc. When she gets to watch a tv show she sets them up on the couch and puts their sippy cups in front of them (which she gets out of the kitchen cabinets). She is constantly putting Lainey's diapers on her babies too. Recently she has started telling me "bye, I am going to Mom's group." And then will pack up all her stuff and push her babies in the stroller to the other room. She is just so funny.

She seriously talks non stop. This is unrelated to babies but - she talks so much, especially in the car. I just bought the CD that our church choir and orchestra put out and I can hardly listen to it because she is talking the whole time. But I love that sweet little voice so I will give up trying to listen to a song because this time with her is precious. She is so observant when we drive. Constantly asking about the cars around us and who is in them. Who is in that car? Is that a daddy? Where are they going? What's that car called? She is also very interested in street names. She often asks me what are our friends' street names (as in, the name of the street they live on). She knows our street, she knows the road we take before we get to our street, and she knows I-10. This girl is so funny and inquisitive.

Ok I don't really know where I am going with this post but just I want to remember little things like this because they are so cute and the stages change so quickly. She will soon be on to something else and I will completely forget about the little details.

Oh but one more thing. Let's tie it back to babies again. Cambry first started taking an interest in babies around 10 months old to this one baby doll from Nana that we names Robin. She started sleeping with it, and continued to for a long time. If we ever needed to get her to smile for a picture as a baby, we would just wave Robin around. Well at some point she completely lost interest in Robin. In fact, she never plays with her and does not seem to like her much. I think maybe because she is smaller and not as "real" looking as her other babies. She is a good size for a first baby. Cambry will allow Lainey to play with Robin (but not her other babies! We are working on sharing...). Lainey smiles at Robin when I pretend the doll is talking to her, just like Cambry did at first! It is so cute. Maybe Lainey will start to like Robin just as much as she gets older. 

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