Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Lainey 19 Months

Our little Lainey bear is 19 months! And guess what...we have a walker!! Our precious girl is now walking all over the place. We are so proud of her. She started taking her first steps around 18 months. She would take a couple super fast steps and basically fall forward into whoever was ready to catch her. Each week she got more balanced and confident. She still falls all the time but she is so determined and persistent. She wants to go go go. Today at the library I was trying to renew my card and check out our books and baby girl was going in all directions and trying to escape out of the library.

She has also made some great progress on food. My last update was 16 months and she was still on formula and purees. She still has those things but can also chew a number of foods. She can eat mum mums (dissolve-able rice cakes), veggie sticks, graham crackers, bananas, berries, black beans, and avocado. She is a hoarder so you have to regulate how much she gets otherwise she would shove everything in her mouth at once. She is also starting to like almond milk so hopefully one day we can stop paying all that money for Nutramigen!

She is always busy playing with toys or getting into stuff. She loves taking things out of cabinets. She likes to carry things in her hands. She also has started liking baby dolls - or at least carrying them around sometimes. She loves peekaboo under a blanket and loves when Daddy wrestles her. She cries dramatically if you take something away from her. She will giggle when you tickle her.

She is the best sleeper still. She falls asleep within minutes of laying her down and rarely ever makes a peep. I am incredibly thankful for this. Her nap is around noon and she usually sleeps for 2 hours. I am loving the sleep now because I know when baby brother comes it will be back to middle-of-the-night feedings and exhaustion.

Lainey still does 3 therapies a week - PT, OT, and ST all on Thursdays. It is a busy day but she does great.

I often think how this year is sooooo much better than her first year. That year was so hard. Endless doctor appointments, constant anxiety, waiting on numerous test results, etc. There are still hard days, but overall things have gotten much better and we can enjoy her so much more. Who knows what the future will bring but we are very thankful for all the progress our sweet girl has made.

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