Sunday, May 31, 2015

18 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3

How Far Along: 18 Weeks

Baby's Size: Bell Pepper

Maternity Clothes: Mostly all maternity clothes and a mix of dresses.

Movement: I feel him move every day but the kicks are still small.

Sleep: Great. Always a bathroom trip though.

Symptoms: Still nauseous. It is not too bad during the day most days, but I get more nauseous in the evening. And I have lots of that yucky/weak/lightheaded feeling. I hope it doesn't last the whole time!

Food Aversions/Cravings: Same things. Milk and cereal, popsicles/slushies, and also salad with oil and balsamic vinegar. Lots of vinegar. 

Best Moment this Week / Baby Prep Progress: We had a date night (actually a double date) while the kids were at church for PNO. We tried out a new restaurant called Downhouse in the Heights and then played games. Also I finished baby boy's mobile. I really like how it turned out. I bought a bunch of different fabrics and cut them into strips and tied them on a metal hoop like the one I saw on Etsy. I also bought a small rocking type bouncer (used). We had borrowed bouncers for both girls so we didn't have one this time around.

What I miss: Feeling normal.

What I am Looking Forward to: We have a music class for the girls this week that I am looking forward to. We are just starting to get out of the house a lot more and it is nice.

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