Thursday, September 10, 2015

1st Day of Preschool

Today was Cambry's first day of preschool! She is going to a small church preschool near our house 3 days a week. I have heard such good things about it from everyone who has been there. We had parent orientation on Tuesday and it made me feel very comfortable and excited about the school. Then on Wednesday each kid got their own time slot to meet the teacher individually and get comfortable with the school. This was so great for Cambry because she does better when it's not a big crowd. She was very outgoing with her teacher and excited to see the fun classroom, the lunch room, the music room, her cubby, etc.

Thankfully the school is very close and we can walk there. Cambry was excited to go this morning and was telling me "Come on mom we are going to be late for school!". When I walked her in class she immediately started playing with toys and then was too busy to tell me bye. That's ok with me though I was just glad she was happy.

I will have to do a separate post on school lunches. This is a whole new world. I really have no idea what to pack since peanut butter is not allowed. I know there are 2 million pins for lunch ideas but I think that just makes it more overwhelming. Anyway, this was today's lunch.

Lainey and I walked back home and then her therapist came over for PT. Lainey was super happy and silly during therapy. She seemed really excited to have the house and toys to herself. Then we headed out for my OB appointment. It was quick and seemed so much easier only bringing 1 kid with me! It is going to be a challenge though keeping Lainey awake until 1pm when Cambry is done with school. Little Lainey gets tired so early and can hardly ever make it that late. It actually worked out today that she took a short cat nap on the way to my appointment so she was able to stay awake until after we picked Cambry up from school.

Cambry had a great day at school and said her favorite part was playing on the playground. I am thankful for today and praying for a great year. I am excited to get to know the other moms too.

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