Thursday, September 24, 2015

Girls' Shared Room

The girls' shared room is now complete. I really like how it turned out. The furniture is definitely quite snug in it's arrangement, but it was the best option for allowing the most play space. I was actually quite surprised that in such a small room we could fit both beds in there and still have open space. (It is hard to tell in the pictures since I couldn't zoom out any further.)

I kept both girls' mobiles hanging above their beds because I love them and can't part with them yet. Cambry's bed was purchased from Craigslist and I painted it white. Then Greg and I painted the chest of drawers (which I had in my room growing up).

The lamp on the chest was a DIY project where I just used some leftover chevron fabric I had to recover the shade and used chalk paint on the base.

The last picture isn't the best quality but the cute ballerina print came from Etsy and I painted gold and glittered a plain wooden chalkboard I had. 

They have been sharing for a week now and bedtime has gotten much better than the first few days!

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