Monday, September 28, 2015

35 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #3

Lainey (left), Cambry (right)

How Far Along:  35 Weeks

Baby's Size:  Honeydew Melon

Maternity Clothes: Rotating through the last few things that fit! In the first 2 trimesters there are some maternity clothes that make the belly appear smaller than it really is and some clothes that make it look bigger. At this point in the game everything makes it look enormous. Cause it is. And I continue to get the comments from strangers. Everyone thinks I am due "any day now". Um, actually "any 5 weeks now".

Movement: He continues to be very active. I had an OB appointment last week and the doctor thought he was head down. YAY. Let's hope he does not flip again. And even though the appearance of my belly doesn't seemed to have changed, I feel like he may have gotten a little lower based on the movement I am feeling.

Sleep: Great. Although hard to flip sides and get out of bed. I am really missing sleeping on my back and stomach. So tired of side sleeping.

Symptoms: Tired and uncomfortable. But trying to enjoy and soak up these last weeks of pregnancy. It really is a miracle and it it so neat to feel a baby move inside of you.

Best Moment this Week / Baby Prep Progress: Greg getting home from Canada! He was there for a business trip all week and I am so glad to have him home. We had a fun and busy week and the girls were good but it is definitely nice to do the parenting gig together. The weekend was filled with lots of fun. We went to Dewberry Farm on Saturday and then to a friend's house to watch the A&M game. Then Sunday evening I went to dinner with some girl friends to celebrate baby boy which was really sweet. Both the girls' shared room and the baby's room are complete. Now I guess I need to pack my hospital bag soon and install the car seat. It is such a strange time of feeling like we are SO close and yet kinda far. We still have more than a month til my due date. But then again there is always the possibility he could come early and the weeks seem to be flying by.

What I miss: Feeling normal and having energy.

What I am Looking Forward to: Getting an ultrasound in 2 weeks!

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Chelsea said...

Looking great Jana! Glad Greg is back and you've gotten so much done. Feels so good to have rooms ready!