Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sleep When They Sleep

This is a common phrase spoken to new parents. It is good in theory, but easier said than done.

Right now Cambry is not on a schedule. Her routine is eat, play, sleep throughout the day. But how long she sleeps in each cycle is always different. There is usually one long nap - 2 or 3 hours. The rest are short - 30 or 45 minutes.

Sometimes I nap when she naps, but most of the time I don't. Don't get me wrong, I am tired, but nap time is my opportunity to get things done.

When she is awake I can do little things. I can put her in the bouncer, play some music, then go throw a load of laundry in and make the bed. Then I can move her to her play mat and play with her, then grab a bite to eat. But other things like spending quality time reading the bible, cleaning the house, cooking, getting ready for the day, etc. usually have to get done during nap time.

Last week I was exhausted and desperate for a nap. I tried to sleep during her first nap but by the time I rocked her, got her down, and fell asleep myself I only got 10 minutes before she woke up.

I attempted it again the next cycle but only got 15-20 minutes. I was even more groggy and frustrated that I wasted that time since those few minutes of sleep weren't enough to help.

I finally got an hour long nap on the third try but absolutely nothing got done that day. And that is ok. For that day. But if you implement the "sleep when they sleep" policy every day, nothing will ever get done.

For now I am just trying to go to bed early - as in, before 10. Maybe I should try to move it up to 8:30. Whoa, this brings me back to my first trimester days!

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Liz Dammel said...

hi Jana! your little one is so cute. I have to say I only got a 45 min nap each day when my boys were that little. and I would be in bed by 9pm :) my philosophy was that anything went the first three mos...the house looked crazy, I looked kinda crazy --but at least I was getting some sleep. also, I noticed that my boys didn't fall into a schedule until about 3 don't you worry, she'll get there.